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Dr. Dutkowski strives to provide the benefits of the latest proven dental technologies.

He had the Diagnodent laser system to more accurately diagnose dental decay.

His diode laser can scupt soft tissue with nicer results and less discomfort than traditional surgery.

Digital X-ray technology minimizes your radiation exposure while providing quicker results than traditional film.

The STA computerized local anesthesia system delivers local anesthisic to a more limited area than traditional anesthesia, with greater comfort and less numbing side effects.

Intraoral and digital cameras allow you to see conditions in your mouth in ways otherwise impossible.

Electronic Apex Locators allow your root canal therapy to be done with greater accuracy and less radiation exposure.

The Embletta system allows detailed monitoring of your sleep breathing, oxygen levels in the comfort of your home to help determine if you are a canditate for snoring or sleep apnea therapy.

An Automatic Defibrilator is on premises to save the life of someone who experiences an otherwise fatal heart arrythmia.