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Dr. Dutkowski has served as Sports Dentist to Villanova University.

Custom-made mouthguards like the pro's wear are the best way to prevent injuries such as tooth damage, tooth loss, jaw fracture, and concussion.

"Boil and bite" mouthguards are better than nothing, but are bulky, don't stay in well, and are difficult to breath and speak with.

"Vaccuum formed" mouthguards are better, being thinner and more retentive.

"Positive pressure, high heat" mouthguards are the best of all. These are what Dr. Dutkowski provides. The high heat and pressure allows greater adaptation of the mouthguard material to the model, and allows multiple layers of material to be laminated together for increased thickness in critical areas.

One benefit of being a comprehensive care patient in Dr. Dutkowski's practice is that he provides these mouthguards as a free perk. If you are interested in the best mouth protection for youself, your child, or your entire team, contact his office today.