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Dental Implants are an area of dentistry in which Dr. Dutkowski takes particular pride. Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth when there is sufficient quality, quantity, and configuration of the underlying bone.

You can think of the implant in the jaw, positioned roughly where the roots of the teeth used to be, as the foundation which can be built upon. They can support a host of replacements ranging from a single crown to an entire denture.

Implants have signigicant advantage over the alternatives:

They place the bone where the teeth are missing back in function.
Bone that is in function maintains its height, width, and density.
They permit replacement of missing teeth without affecting the adjacent teeth.
They can permit a full denture to be partially or completely supported by bone rather than soft tissue.

The major risks of placing dental implants invilve trauma to a major nerve, or entering a vascular area outside of the bone. Fortunately, Dr. Dutkowski has a technique to minimize these risks. Traditional implant placement is done with the guidance of models and two-dimensional x-rays. Dr. Dutkowski frequently uses three-dimensional x-rays in order to see the jaws and nerves in three dimension. Using special software, he can place virtual implants in ideal position on your 3-D x-ray on his computer screen. Once the ideal location is determined, he can send this information off for fabrication of a guide which will permit him to place your implant at this ideal location, depth, and angulation.