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Root Canal Therapy is one of the best procedures we do. It saves more teeth, relieves more infections, and prevents more pain than any other single procedure.

This therapy has improved greatly over time in its speed, comfort, and results; and Dr. Dutkowski has been right on top of the changes. Here are some of the things we do with root canal therapy which weren't taught in dental school.

Foremost is magnified and illuminated vision. For his routine care, Dr. Dutkowski uses loupes which magnify the field by a power of four. The light on his loupes illuminates the area well so he can see into areas which would not otherwise be visible. When he needs to see even greater details, he uses his microscope which gives absolutely the best view of things like fracture lines and small canals. "If you can't see it, you can't treat it."

Ultrasonic instruments work well with the microscope because they give precise cutting action while giving great visibility.

Rotary endodontic files give the rare combination of greater speed and improved results. They have taken the boredom of tedious hand filing out of this procedure for the dentist and patient alike.