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Dr. Dutkowski has a number of innovative techniques to keep you and your loved ones comfortable during dental procedures.

Despite increased regulatory and financial constraints related to its use, he has continued to offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation for his anxious patients. This is a very safe form of sedation where the patient remains awake but relaxed with all of their reflexes intact. The effect for the patient is similar to what most adults experience with a few drinks of alcohol, but it is more controlled, administered with oxygen, and more quickly reversed. Most patients report that they know what is going on, but don't care much. It is called laughing gas because some patients become giggly under its effects.

The Madajet is a "needleless injector" which "pops" a small volume of local anesthetic under the surface. It rapidly and completely numbs the surface and makes the following injections more reliably pain-free than any of the topical gels tried in the past.

The STA system is a computerized delivery system which comfortably numbs a single tooth in a controlled manner. It is not only more comfortable than a traditional injection, but it avoids the numb lip and tongue effect, permitting you to return to work or home without this bother.

In addition to the above, any patient can call a "time out" at any time simply by raising their hand.